Sarana Wellness

At Sarana Wellness we have the best services and treatments to take care of people’s health.
Our specific treatments are focused on the rehabilitation and recovery of injuries.


of sports injuries

Our professionals are qualified to help you recover faster and return to your daily activities with complete confidence. Whether you’ve suffered a sports injury, an accident, or suffer from chronic pain, our rehabilitation specialists are dedicated to providing you with personalized care focused on your needs. (This service is performed at a low medical diagnostic price by our professionals qualified by the Spanish Federation).


(neuromuscular bandage)

It is a non-invasive therapeutic technique that uses special adhesive tapes. These tapes are applied to the skin in specific areas of the body to provide support and stability to muscles and joints, while allowing full range of motion to help speed recovery.


with suction cups

Cupping treatment is an age-old therapeutic practice of traditional Chinese medicine, in which small cupping is used to create a vacuum in the skin and underlying tissues. This vacuum stimulates local blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing muscle tension and relieving pain, thus promoting the release of toxins and muscle relaxation. The technique is based on using it as part of a broader treatment approach for muscle and joint conditions, such as sports injuries, back pain and muscle stiffness.
If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to improve your health and well-being, our injury rehabilitation service is the ideal option for you.

Rehabilitation of sports injuries in Ibiza